Sunday, December 5, 2010

Images + Print Design

One of the neat things about taking public relations at Mohawk College is our Print Design and Application course. We are able to learn how to use computer programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. These programs are part of the Adobe Creative Suite. Public Relations Professionals use them on a daily basis to develop communication materials for their employers.

At first glance, programs like Photoshop appear complicated. Without the help of our instructor, it would be difficult to understand the tools and functions of these programs. In the workplace, we are bound to create brochures and newsletters, making it essential that we learn these programs now rather than later.
I always wondered how public relations professionals were able to eliminate the background from an image so that the human subjects stood alone. Last week, I discovered that this can be accomplished using a Photoshop tool called the “Quick Selection Tool.” By selecting a circular area, you can remove that portion of the image altogether. I am definitely going to remember this lesson because the images in brochures and newsletters look better without backgrounds.  
These computer programs with the ability to alter images make you realize how models are able to look so good in magazines. Blemishes can be erased, teeth can be whitened, and body parts can be enhanced. What can’t Photoshop do? It is very enlightening to know that anyone can look like a model with the right photo editing software.
For individuals who are not particularly comfortable with computers, our professor ensures that we fully understand our assignments. Professor Nancy Gambacourt has us follow her step-by-step instructions on the projection screen at the front of the classroom. Individuals having difficulties are taken care of before she moves on.

Our Print Design and Application course is beneficial because we develop hands-on skills. I would not have known how to use Photoshop without Nancy's expertise. Over the past few classes, we produced postcards, brochure stuffers, and colour wheels. It is nice to have some creative freedom after all of the essays that I had to write in university!

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