Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guest Speaker Engages Students - David Estok SickKids Presentation

As of March 2010, David Estok has filled the role of Vice President of Communications at SickKids Foundation. David has a wide range of knowledge and skills in journalism, communications, marketing, teaching, consulting and public affairs. Our Mohawk Post Graduate PR class was privileged enough to have Mr. Estok as a guest speaker. 
David Estok, VP of Communications, SickKids Foundation

David’s fun, caring, and charismatic personality engaged the audience throughout his presentation. His use of humour, sincerity, and a heartwarming video tugged at all of our emotions, which not only held the class’s attention, but also, provided us with significant education, excellent methods to use in our own public speaking to engage the audience and entertainment.

David introduced our class to the 3 R’s of Public Relations, which represent: reputation, relationship, and revenue. David coined reputation as the heart of all PR.   He claims, as PR practitioners we build, protect, and enhance great reputations for the clients that we serve. Through practicing social responsibility a company can maintain/enhance their reputation, however, as Estok indicates outside influences and experiences are what shape reputations, thus, it is important to show examples and tell stories of the contributions a company/organization is making in people’s lives.

If a company is able to maintain a good reputation as SickKids has, that is when relationships form. For instance, David uses the example of Jodi Yeilding and her young son Jack, who began to raise money for SickKids. Jack has been treated at SickKids Hospital for Epilepsy and has built a bond with this foundation. Now, because of the excellent service and treatment that he and his mother have been receiving while at SickKids, Jack is looking to give back. This video shows Jack’s contributions to SickKids.

An organization is reflected through the relationships that they have. If an organization builds a good reputation, this turns into relationships, which inevitably forms the final “R”, Revenue.

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