Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PR skills put to use!

It’s one thing to learn and study the practices of public relations, and another to put those skills to use in the real world. Over the last month, I have begun doing some part-time public relations work with Profile Communications.

Throughout my time with Profile I have performed course related tactics such as media monitoring, media list development, press release distribution and memo writing.

With respect to media monitoring, there are different tools to aid in my efforts. A special media search website and google search engine. The media search website allows keywords to be used to highlight important news related to your clients needs. This allows for easy scanning on early mornings before class.

When developing a media list, the same principals are applied that are used in class including another helpful website with a complete Canadian media directory. This allows you to search via media outlet or a person’s name. Of course compiling all the information into a structured excel document is the key. By organizing the data in terms of daily newspaper reporters, editors- columnists- trade magazines- publications- online- TV- newswires- and radio allows for easy selection when not all are required.

All in all, I have been able to put my teachings to good work, making real contributions to the public relations world. Now because of it, I feel I have learned more and become a better student.

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