Sunday, November 27, 2011

How The Public Relations Program Benefitted Me

On September 22nd 2005 I was involved in a work related accident that left me unable to safely return to work as a Sheet Metal Journeyman and consequently forced me down a life path not entirely of choice. After being in the trades for over a decade it was fairly certain that I would require some educational upgrading to properly re-enter the workforce.
In the Fall of 2009 I began a Marketing Program at Mohawk College which, upon completion, felt I had learned invaluable information but still lacked a sense of career direction. I must say that I had many pleasant encounters with staff and faculty during my two years at Mohawk. They provided not only the quality education you would come to expect but also the vital support that is required for success. In my fourth semester of the Marketing program I was enrolled in a Organizational Behaviour class that was taught by Jill Leedham. After speaking with Jill regarding my future she suggested that a Public Relations Post-Graduate Program may help narrow the field of choice.
In the summer of 2011 I contacted Tim Tuck, program coordinator of the Public Relations Program to discuss the opportunities that may come from such a program. Some research and a few e-mails later and I was listed in the P.R Program at Mohawk College.
I have nearly completed my first semester in the program and I am delighted to see how this program benefits me.
This program:

  • Has raised my confidence level

  • Has expanded my level of education

  • Has provided many job and internship opportunities

  • Helped develop professional working relationships

  • Has given me relevant tools for the industry

  • Has provided Staff that support student success

  • Has given me the knowledge to succeed

Here is a video of career opportunities within the Public Relations Industry.

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