Monday, November 21, 2011

Jane George and Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre

As part of our PR program we were privileged to have Jane George, Executive Director of Wellwood come and speak to our class about running a not for profit and being a one woman PR department.  Wellwood is a community-based organziation that provides supportive care programs, information and peer support for those who have received a diagnosis of cancer, their caregivers and families.  After working her way up as a female public relations representative in a male dominated field at the time and even helping mentor one of our own teachers, Jane now runs Wellwood Resource Centre.  Because Wellwood is a not for profit, it is important to raise as much money as possible and spend little.  Jane emphasized how, though necessary, fundraising can be the least favourite part of doing PR for a not for profit organization because they are always in need of more funds.  However the incredible occurred when Charles Juravinski showed up at Jane's door with a cheque for 2 million dollars so they could open Wellwood's doors.  This is not the norm though.  In a not for profit organization, you could be the PR department, just as Jane is for Wellwood.  Mohawk College prepares you for this.  The array of classes that are part of the Public Relations program of Mohawk speaks to all parts of being a PR pro by teaching you how to create, use and maintain media lists, research effectively , create and send product and media releases, and fills you in on how to get things done in regards to contacting reporters, printers and so much more.  All these skills fall onto the PR representative for a not for profit organization that would rather reinvest the money they raise into the programs for the public, than contract out to third party agencies.  If a not for profit like Wellwood sounds like your type of job, come to Mohawk College where the skills you need are the skills you learn!

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