Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Humbug of a Good Time: A CPRS Mentorship Adventure

When I attended the IABC GH and CPRS Hamilton Holiday Humbug, I was equal parts nervous and excited about it, but it turned out to be a fantastic experience for me as a budding PR pro and the first networking event I can put under my belt.

I attended this event as a Public Relations student of Mohawk College, a student member of CPRS (the Canadian Public Relations Society), and specifically as a “mentee” within the latter’s mentorship program. Representatives from CPRS, Ginny Jones and Christina Jean Pierre, persuaded me to join this program (along with four other classmates) after being guest speakers in my PR class near the very beginning of the school year. They welcomed us to be involved in both the society and the mentorship program and talked about the many benefits they both had to offer. 

Some benefits which I have personally been receiving include:
  • personal and professional development
  • development of new industry knowledge
  • enhanced networking skills and an expanded professional network
  • recognition as a member within the industry
  • help with job and/or internship searching
  • a great mentee/mentor relationship with an established PR professional
  • involvement in fantastic events like the Holiday Humbug

The Humbug event is the second of five events that I attend as part of CPRS’s mentorship program.  It was an opportunity to network with my mentor, develop my networking skills, and expand my professional network. There was also a workshop in which “mentees” had the chance to think about what they wanted to say to attendees and what they really wanted to get out of the experience before the event really got underway. I came away from the night with a handful of business cards, some great new connections, and a positive view of the industry and its professionals. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to network now that I’ve had a bit of hands on experience!

Thanks should go out to my Public Relations program at Mohawk College for introducing me to CPRS and allowing me to take part in their mentorship program as a student. Both my experience with CPRS and the Public Relations program have been teaching me and "real world" preparing me for a successful career as a PR practitioner. I highly recommend future students to take part in the program and discover all the unique benefits it has to offer them!

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