Monday, November 19, 2012

Student Feedback Survey

Hello everyone!!

Now is the time to share your feedback on how you feel this semester has been in regards to your courses and teachers.

Check your MocoMotion email accounts and look out for a Student Feedback on Teaching Surveys that is circulating around.  It is important for us as PR students to communicate how we feel so future students can have an excellent experience at Mohawk.

The email you will receive notifies you that your name will not appear in any results that your teacher will see. All responses for a course are combined in a summarized report that is released to your teacher after final grades are submitted at the end of December. While your responses to the two comment questions are anonymous, your teacher will see the exact content provided in each response.

 The survey closes on Monday November 26th!!. So hurry and submit your feedback.Check your email accounts!!

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