Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Enjoyable Study Experience in Canada

Due to the differences between Chinese educational system and Canadian system, I didn't expect much of college study here. I chose the program after reviewing the courses details online. But who knows what will happen in reality. I was not sure whether I should transfer to another program after I got here.

After the second week of classes, I changed my mind. The courses, as described, are very practical and useful. Tim Tuck, our major professor, worked hard on leading us to the professional industry. This seldom happens in China. Though Chinese professors may help students in finding practicing opportunities, they have bias in students.

I could never say whether this program is good. Being an international student who wants to study public relations skills, I felt it helpful. Sometimes, some of my classmates may complain about “stupid contents” in our classes. I think it’s because they lack of knowledge of the daily work of public relations industry.

I got to know public relation in my third year in university. One of my professors worked in BBC and PR agencies before. She led us into an amazing world of media and crisis management. After one year’s search of how the work is in a PR agency, I gave up. I didn’t want a lifestyle in Chinese PR agencies. So I became a translator in my cousin’s company. Soon I joined the marketing department and felt myself useless. After being a freelance for one year, I realized what I need.

Before I chose this program, my cousins warned me of the hard competition with local students. No matter how, the language barrier is holding my writing skill back. My poor vocabulary makes it worse.

Though writing is one of the most important parts of public relations, it’s not the only thing. Long ago, I read an article. It said that most of CEOs have two types of background. One is marketing, the other is financing. Public relations, in my opinion, is combination of marketing and communication. Any business is based on selling. Good sells always requires high awareness and good reputation in the society—which belongs to the goal of public relations.

Compared with traditional public relations skills, online public relations skills are taught less in this semester. Though the basic principles are universal, the techniques might be different. Field placement makes up for the regret. I became an intern in a counseling company in the third month I came here. I learned a lot of webmaster tools which may help in data analysis in this field. I remembered my wandering when my professor responded to my purpose of website work in future. But now I never doubt whether the public relations knowledge may help in website construction. Building websites are for sells as well. When it sells, it needs public relations knowledge and skills.

To conclude, I felt really lucky to come here. I never believe in gifted luck. Luck comes from hard work. My luck of improving my writing skills and finding a suitable field placement comes from two person’s effort. At first, I know what I want. Then, Professor Tim Tuck worked hard to find various opportunities for us.

In this program, not only can you learn practical skills, you will also get to know various positions in the field. It saves our energy in wandering on what our future is. 

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