Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fundraising in Other Forms

There are five primary goals of fundraising for non-profits: Develop public awareness, Induce the public to use the service, create educational materials, recruit and train volunteers and pursue fundraising sources which is FUNDRAISING.  In order to fundraise, you need to identify who your target is, what is your primary goal, is or short term or long term?. Every time you fundraise, you should have a goal set to how much you want to raise for your non profit organization. No goal is too little because every bit counts. Even though fundraising seems pretty achievable, there are some risk involved, like how high is the public awareness level? are you goals clear and achievable? These are all of the factors you need to take into consideration when fundraising. When fundraising, you have to make sure that your methods are honest, ethical, transparent and accountable. Learning all of this in Public Relations really opened up doors for other fundraising opportunities outside of school. Recently at my work we teamed up with a non profit organization called War Child to help raise funds.

War Child gives children in war affected communities the chance to restart their childhood and destroy the cycle of poverty and violence. At my work, for every purchase made, we ask customers if they would like to donate 1 Dollar to War Child to gives children opportunities. If they choose too, they receive a bracelet in recognition of their assistance. We advertise War Child through posters that are displayed in our store, especially at the cash counter and also verbally because we remind customer about the fundraising we are doing with War Child. Every year my work plans to team up with a non profit organization for the desire to give back. It's for a great cause and it helps the companies reputation as well. So far we have raised enough money and given away enough bracelets to create a difference to many children. A dollar to save a child from poverty was an amazing success and a great way to spread the word to other who didn't know of War Child. 

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