Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My first trip to the Agency

When I first walked into the agency, I was pleasantly surprised. The interior was excellent. I remember thinking to myself, if this is what working in a real agency is like, then I am certainly looking forward to entering the work force.

I started to do work in the main room, and originally commented to myself on how noisy and busy it was. The majority of the volume contributed by the advertising students hastily completing their projects. I was very annoyed by this, but after a while I realized this was probably a realistic atmosphere and found myself enjoying the creative energy I was surrounded by.

The private room and the boardroom are my two favourite aspects of the agency. First off, the method of booking a room is exciting and new. Located upon entry, are digital tablets that allow you to claim the room for an instant meeting. 

The two rooms provide two different important environments. The boardroom is a classic office setting. It’s what you would expect to find in a real public relations agency. With a large table set up in the middle of the room with chairs all around, it equips students with a space to practice presentations – an essential learning skill for the public relations program. The private room is a comfortable space complete with beanbag chairs and cushions, adding a less formal, more relaxing vibe for letting ‘the creative juices flow’.

Overall, my agency experience was a positive one. It gives students a glimpse into their future while supporting both creative and business streamed minds. 

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