Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jane George and Wellwood

By: Gemma Bayaborda

On Thursday October 3, 2013 executive director, Jane George, from Wellwood visited the post-grad Public Relation students. George told a compelling, beautiful, tragic and unique synopsis of her life and how she became executive director of Wellwood. She began her presentation by informing the class on what Wellwood is, and what type of values it has as a not-for-profit organization.

Wellwood is a centre for cancer patients and families. Individuals who attend Wellwood may be at various stages in their treatment or may know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. As George mentioned in her presentation, “Cancer does not discriminate”, nor does it take into consideration what “financial bracket” you fall under.  There are numerous programs offered at the centre such as support groups to provide an outlet for emotional stress and trauma, as well as physical programs that nurture the body and soul. All programs offered to patients and families at Wellwood are free of charge.  As George dove into how fundamental equality and inclusivity is to Wellwood, my mind began to drift from the concept that we were talking about people dealing with cancer. Rather I began to focus on how cancer is an illness that presents an uphill struggle and there is no method of selection. Wellwood does not decline people seeking help. Their philosophy is simple, they strive to create an environment that is safe and inclusive, where there is no judgement just compassion and kindness to support someone who is experiencing a journey that will be mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting.

As a student, that has lived in Hamilton for five years and counting, I could not believe I had not heard of Wellwood prior to that Thursday lecture. George was a dynamic, witty and personable speaker who was not only successful in communicating her message about Wellwood, but was courageous enough to share her own experiences with a group of strangers. The end result of her presentation- knowledge and awareness is key.


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