Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let’s raise some fun?

We started our fundraising journey early on a Thursday morning.  Rob had invited a few charities to present their case to us. The presentations included the activities that each organization was involved in and highlighted areas where we would be able to help. After a brief question and answer period, my group huddled together (it was pretty cold) and decided to go with United Way. It is an amazing not for profit organization that helps fund an extensive network of charities within the community. We brainstormed ideas with fury and excitedly started our expedition into the world of FUN(draising).

Our gorgeous poster

Our plan was to entice students with prizes and cute food shaped cardboard labels. Such as these:

We wanted to keep it simple; donate a $1 or a canned good and have a chance to win prizes including an 18-hole golf package! Plus, that dollar will get your name on the Wall of Change.  The fundraising plan was minimalist but encompassed inexpensive ideas that everyone could relate to, namely, free candy.
And of course, who wouldn’t want their name on a ketchup bottle or even a cookie! Apparently, most people actually. It was not only hard to captures people’s attention, but no one seemed interested in our Wall of Change! KETCHUP?! COOKIES?! PEANUT BUTTER?! How could you not love these beloved food related items.

Can you see our pillar of change starting to form? You might have to squint just a little. 

However, as time went on and our deadline grew closer, we were more comfortable approaching people to get as much change as we could. By the end of the second day our wall of change had grown from a pillar to a proper wall!

Behold! The Wall of Change! 

By the end of our fundraising efforts, we all decided that fundraising was not our envisioned job outcome. It is so hard to solicit money from people, especially when everyone only ever has debit, and the funds they do have are going to specific causes that have personally touched them.  Keep in mind that United Way does great things for its community. The biggest issue that needs to be overcome is creating that awareness to the public. Giving to United Way is like giving to every charity within your own community. Your money is funneled to the places that need it the most. So the next time you see a United Way fundraiser, try to donate. You never know, you might need one of the countless services it supports one day.

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  1. It was interesting to read your post on what you and your group learned from the fundraising project! I also found it to be a valuable assignment that I learned a lot from and am grateful for the experience. Similar to you all, I also realized that fundraising is not the best fit for myself job wise. It is a very challenging industry! I thought you all did a wonderful job with your event for the United Way :)