Monday, December 2, 2013

A Career in Public Relations

Like others in the program, I’m not completely sure where I want to work after I finish here at Mohawk. Maybe at first I’ll take whatever job I can get that relates to Public Relations. As the first semester is winding up though, I’m beginning to try and figure out where I want to go exactly with PR. I've begun to research some of the types of jobs in Public Relations, as well as some of the future trends for the industry, in order to determine where I might like to work.

One of the things that attracted me to Public Relations is the variety that it offers and the opportunity to get involved with many different things. I also like the fact that it seems like many PR professionals have the chance to work at a couple of different jobs throughout their lifetime. Either working in a PR agency, handling the communication needs of multiple clients, or working in the communications department of a larger company, a day in the life of a PR professional will be certainly never be dull. 

Working for an agency will provide you with the opportunity to deal with many different clients and work on various PR strategies with other like-minded people. An agency might also be appealing if you don’t know what you might like to do best yet. Because you will be given many different tasks, you might soon discover a particular area of interest. Working in an agency also provides you with the opportunity to work with people who have lots of experience in the PR world, and can guide you as you begin your career. I think it might be worthwhile to start out working in agency, with the opportunity to learn a lot and collaborate with other professionals.

On the other hand, working as in-house PR also sounds appealing. You will most likely be able to understand the necessities of the organization better, and thereby relate to media in a more understanding fashion. You will also be able to work on internal communications within the company in a more efficient manner, seeing as your continual presence within the company will aid your knowledge of the company's communication needs. 

There are many different job titles within the PR industry. To name a few: Public Relations Coordinator, Social Media Specialist, Manager of External Relations, Corporate Communications Advisor, Industrial Relations Officer, Media Relations Manager, Account Supervisor. The more I learn about Public Relations, the more I realize how much variety it offers.

Even just taking a peek at some of the current PR job postings in Canada will provide a glimpse of some of the diversity the industry holds:

This clip here illustrates better than I can what it might mean to have a career in Public Relations. As it states at the end, "So PR is one of those few careers where you can blend a variety of talents. You can be a specialist if you'd like. Whatever your interest, you can definitely work your career to its fullest."

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