Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We are citizens.

I think it’s safe to say that all thirty-five Mohawk Public Relations students that attended Citizen on November 5, 2014 were more than impressed by the unique, bright, open concept architecture we walked into. I think it’s also safe to say that at least ninety percent of us had to fight the urge to play with the super-sized barrel of monkeys that hung from the roof.  Alas, we were there for a professional, informational tour and that is exactly what we received. 

Karla introduced herself as the In-house Talent Manager at Vision 7, which is the holding company of Cosette, Dare, Jungle Media and Citizen Optimum led by Chairman and CEO Claude Lessard.  All of these companies can be found in a beautiful brick building situated in the cozy Liberty Village neighbourhood only a stone throw away from the Exhibition train stop- making it extremely convenient for commuters.

Working in a collaborative space, Citizen has the ability to access the various services within their location. With all of the resources necessary to achieve maximum results available within a common office space, Citizen was able to achieve a reputation as Canadian Agency of the Year by The Holmes Report, a global standard bearer for the public relations industry. The agency received the award after a major re-brand and re-launch and incorporates the growth of the agency, their breadth, increased revenue and client satisfaction and retention.

Citizen is a Public Relations agency that understands the audiences of their clients as citizens first.  For more than twenty-five years, they have considered how citizens interact, learn, share and get inspired. The services provided by the agency include but are not limited to public relations, social media and digital content, merchandising, marketing, public affairs and corporate communications.

With a group of our size it was a little challenging to move through Citizen without being disruptive to the wonderful world of communications that was happening all around us. Sharing the personal bubbles of people we've known for a couple short months would generally be an awkward experience for everyone, but as a group we experienced a real taste of agency life that day, had a fire inside of us set ablaze and that's something as aspiring public relations practitioners we will never lose. 

Thank you Citizen!

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