Tuesday, December 2, 2014

IMC Plan and The Learning Experience

I am really liking the IMC plan project because it combines the tact and precision of releasing a product with the skill of presentation. In the Public Relations business, analyzing products and figuring out a game plan is very important. I feel like I am very good at analyzing a product's potential, figuring out the situation, thinking of good ideas to promote the product, and thinking of positive tactics and evaluating the results.

My only problem is that I need to work on my presentation skills. For whatever reason, I get very nervous and anxious when I present in front of a large audience. It is something that I feel I need to work on.  I think that it is important to acknowledge my weaknesses. One of the reasons I took this course is due to the heavy relation on presentation skills. It is an aspect that I feel I need to improve on. I like how the course is scheduled in that there are multiple presentations at the end of the term to prepare the students for presenting in front of an audience for the next semester.

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