Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pint Sized Social Media

What I didn't expect coming into the PR industry is how connected everyone is, with the media, with what's going on, on social media, and with each other.

The CPRS hosts small relaxed gatherings every once in a while where they get together to talk about what is going on in the industry, in the world and how certain technologies such as (or in) social media can be used effectively in PR.

The most recent Pint Sized Social Media event was held downtown Hamilton at the Winking Judge pub  on Augusta St. The location itself really sets the relaxed vibe of the whole event, just a few PR professionals (and future Pr professionals) chatting over a pint about PR specific topics. This week: digital branding.

We chatted about how relevant digital branding has become in a fast pace society where people take most things as face-value and want to know who, what, when, where and why instantly. Meanwhile brands are needing to provide people with that information as quick as possible via the web. If people cannot find out information about a brand on the internet, they are more likely to look for another brand with an internet presence.

What particularly struck me was a woman who was able to successfully develop her brand and identity and successful launch a full cosmetic line all through Instagram! And while this was very impressive, I found myself thinking that I wasn't 100% surprised and would imagine that it is something we are going to start seeing more and more.

Read it here.

People like hashtags, people like short, simple (140 characters) and to the point and it did not take long for people to get on board with Twitter and the hashtag-havoc.

During our evening, we talked a lot about luxury brands, how they effectively have achieved an impression and particular ideologies surrounding their brands.
An example of this is BMW - one of the top brands in the world, through management, CSR and overall perception. They make luxury cars - of which I will never be able to afford in my lifetime and despite their luxuriousness and already well established brand - they still maintain their brand ideologies and integrity online through their social media.
They are on Facebook (289, 229 followers), Twitter (657,000 followers), LinkedIn and Instagram (1.81 million followers)!

The maintenance of an open stream of two-way communication is not only necessary but so easy to achieve. Brands can communicate their message in real time while seeing what others are saying about it.

The biggest point that was discussed during the evening - and quite possibly most important, was that PR and marketing are no longer two completely separate individual departments. Social media does an excellent job in dabbling in both fields, requiring a merging of the two in order to meet the objectives of the PR professionals (creating relations) and the objectives of the marketing team (selling a product/service) - the two act almost as one through their tactics and approaches to the audiences. Where do you draw the line between what is considered PR and what is considered marketing? Do you draw a line?

Everyone realizes the importance of social media and effective message communication. Businesses need credibility, and they achieve this through visibility.

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