Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Social Media in Business

There are several social media platforms that can be used in business – if used effectively. Throughout the last few weeks in the PR communications technologies class we split up into groups and each group focused on one of the 12 social media platforms that can be used in business. These include:

1.     Youtube
2.     Press Page
3.     Word Press
4.     Instagram
5.     Conversocial
6.     Flipboard
7.     SocialMention
8.     Vine
9.     StartMyWeb
10. Myspace
11. Poll Everywhere
12. Sprout Social

This assignment was particularly interesting as we all received a “mini lesson” on each of the twelve social media platforms. 

Here are a few facts about a couple of the social media platforms that were discussed in class: 1

Word Press:
Word Press is a full content management blogging site that offers customizable settings. On the global stage it is ranked 27th on Alexa.com. What’s great about Word Press is that users are able to use their own domain name for the content of their web page. That way small businesses and even larger corporations, such as CNN, have an easier way for users to get to them. It’s no wonder ¼ of the Internet run’s off of Word Press.

Instagram was launched in 2010, and since then has taken off on the social media stage. Instagram offers users to share not only photos but also, 15-second videos. These posts can be manipulated through digital filters to make them more appealing. This social media platform is a great way to get to target younger audiences. Take Starbucks for example. Starbucks does a great job at targeting their audiences by creating fun Instagram contests, hashtags and promotions. What’s even better for a company like Starbucks, their audiences do free advertising for them. There are countless posts of everyone’s favourite Pumpkin Spiced Latte over the fall and winter season.

Conversocial is a customer service software that manage inquiries. It was created in 2009 in London, England and has made it’s way into North America over the years. This software is not open to the public as it cost 10 grand to start it up. It was created specifically for HR and PR departments of larger corporations. The service compiles all social media platforms of a business. The service is able to monitor and respond to conversations that are occurring all over the web. For many companies, customer service quality and expectations are on the rise and so a service such as Conversocial would be a great benefit to a company’s reputation and customer loyalty.
Website link: www.conversocial.com

Check out this video to get a walk through of the new Myspace launched in 2013. Targeting musician's around the world, Myspace has changed it ways in terms of use. Myspace is a great tool for individuals wanting to showcase their talent - whether it be music, the arts, or brands.
Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6twwXURVk3E 

Overall, there are several social media platforms that can be used in business depending on specific needs, target audiences and objectives. The world has become a very virtual place and expectations are continuously on the rise. Whether its building a website or better managing the current social media tools of a company, there is something for everyone.

- Mary Flynn

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