Sunday, October 11, 2015

Randy Bassett and Opening Hearts

In Organizational Application, we are going to be given the amazing opportunity to work with local charities and work on fundraising campaigns to help spread awareness and raise funds for these causes.

One of the great organizations we will be working with is Opening Hearts, a charitable organization that focuses on helping families with children with special needs. The primary focus of the organization is to create awareness of the challenges of raising a child with special needs and create programs that support all members of the family.

Opening Hearts was inspired by Randy and his families own journey with Randy's granddaughter Treva, who survived a open-heart surgery at a very young age, and overcame many medical and developmental challenges. After the family, and Treva were so heavily impacted both financially, psychologically and financially, Randy decided to found a organization that worked to help support families on their journey towards the recovery of loved ones. Today, Opening Hearts works to create a more inclusive community and help other children with special needs and their families lead richer, fuller lives.

The funding the class garners will go towards two of the bigger services that Opening Hearts provides and partners with. 

The first is Hope Totes, which are specially-designed tote bags for families who are have children staying in hospitals for extended periods of time. The hope totes includes toiletries, notebooks, gift cards and there necessities. The purpose of the Totes is to help alleviate the financial pressures on these families, as well as let the families know that they are not alone in these time of hardship.

The second service that Opening Hearts has partnered with is Sibshops, which is a support service for siblings of children with special needs. Opening Hearts supports Sibshops because studies have shown that siblings are the least supported member of the family when issues with siblings arise. Sibshops provide 4 hours of activity filled time in which children 8-12 years old have the opportunity to talk about how they feel and relieve some of their own stresses.

Both the services that Opening Hearts works to fund are amazing support services for struggling families. We are all looking forward to helping these charities gain some traction in our communities, and helping a well-deserving cause help more deserving people.

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