Monday, December 7, 2015

A Night At The Staircase

This evening I had the pleasure of attending Hamilton arts venue "The Staircase" for a night of comedy and music. The event was put on by Mohawk College public relations program students working with the local charity Wellwood, and money raised went to the charity. As a member of the program myself and as a friend of those who had worked hard to put the event on and make sure everything went well I decided to show my support and attend the event.

I think that they chose a great venue for the event and really enjoyed the atmosphere, as well as the architecture of the building. The main room was very comfortable and once it filled up was very social, with some great music filling the room with a nice vibe. The highlight of the night for me was the comedy performances, which were done in an intimate theatre style room in the building. I really enjoyed all the acts and think it's great that the comedians were willing to donate their time to such a good cause. My favourite act of the night, who I have a attached a photo of below, was Stoney Creek native (which he made very clear in his act) Eric Johnston, or the "Fat James Dean", his alter ego. All of the comedians were fantastic and the room was full of laughter throughout the event.

It was really great to see all of my fellow classmates running the event and making sure everything was going well. From the custom made Wellwood coasters to the great raffle prizes, I could tell that a lot of time and hard work went into this event and its success. This organizational application assignment that has had all students working with charities has been a huge success in my opinion and has really brought out the best of everyone involved. It is great when it is possible to have an entertaining night and help raise money for a good cause at the same time, and tonight was no exception. I would like to thank all of the Wellwood team for their hard-work and hope that a lot of money was raised for Wellwood!

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