Thursday, December 10, 2015

Extended Interview & Words of Advice From Former CNN Journalist, Laurin Sydney

As I am writing this blog post, the countdown to the end of my first semester in Mohawk’s Public Relation’s program has already begun. There are 4 class days left. In 4 days I will be closer to the end of this program then the beginning.  This may not seem as big of a deal to most, but for me, it means that I finally get a day off… or two.  

Part of my “PR struggle” has been trying to balance a pretty chaotic work life in the television industry with a full-time school load. However, without my time spent running to and from classes and control rooms, I would have never met the wealth of knowledge that is Laurin Sydney. I hope some wondering eyes make it to this post, as it is clear Laurin has a great deal of experience and guidance to offer up to the emerging professionals of Mohawk’s PR program.

Let me start with a little information on Laurin.

Laurin Sydney is currently a lifestyle TV Expert, contributor to the Today Show, worldwide media trainer and consultant, motivational speaker and a best selling author. Yah… and that’s not all.


Born and raised in New York City, Laurin has a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University.
A career that started as an actress eventually turned into over a decade as an award-winning journalist for CNN. She now focuses on strategic media training and consulting for HSN, QVC and more. She teaches the “what” and “how” of brand story telling and helps different celebrities, on-air personalities and corporate executives craft their brand messages into compelling stories.

With amazing credentials like these, I felt it necessary to reach out to Laurin and find out what advice she has for students starting out in the world of media and public relations; this is what she had to say:

#1. “Life is a Tootsie Pop, you have to get to the center” (her words exactly). According to Laurin, everything in life has a chewy center and you just have to get to it. Whatever you may be working on (an idea, a store opening, a message) get to the core of it - and don’t go on and on... and on.   

#2. Never stop dreaming! Dreaming and surrounding herself with a great support system is what she believes got her to where she is today. She had parents that told her she could be anything she wanted to be and didn’t listen to people when they said she couldn’t do something.

When speaking about her career at CNN, Laurin says, “I had no right to be an anchor on CNN, there were hundreds of anchors around the world, so why should it be me? Because I thought I could. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something!”

#3. Don’t do what everybody else is doing, but don’t be different just to be different. Find that middle ground and give people what they want.

#4. Think of yourself as an audience member. Sometimes we all want the same thing. In the end, we are all human.

#5. Have fun and be accurate, truthful and empathetic. Keep doing what your supposed to do. 

I had a great time with Laurin and thank her for her words of encouragement and advice. I hope someone was able to take something away from this, I know I did!



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