Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Internship Experience: Grand Erie District School Board

The organization that I decided to do my internship with was the Grand Erie District School Board in Brantford.  When applying for internships, I went to several interviews, but as soon as I went for an interview at the Grand Erie I knew it was going to be fun.  The people were very nice and it was a welcoming environment. 

Over the course of my internship I was assigned several projects.  The projects were all different, which I enjoyed because it challenged me in different ways.   

For the bulk of my time spent at Grand Erie, I worked on the Mental Health Strategy section of their Web site.  For this, I wrote different pages for the Mental Health tab, and was able to work first hand with the Grand Erie’s Mental Health Lead, which was a great experience.

While working on this I learned many different things, not only about Mental Health, but about creating and writing content for a Web site.  

Another project that I worked on was a Communications Plan.  This is where my learning from the classroom came in.  I worked with the Communications Manager to put together strategies and tactics, and to lay it all out in the proper format.  This was definitely a learning experience, and I feel like this experience will help me when I need to develop a Communications Plan in the future.  

Looking back on the whole internship at Grand Erie, I think it was a great experience and would recommend any future Public Relations students at Mohawk to intern there as well. 

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