Wednesday, December 9, 2015

One Semester of PR@Mohawk in the books

We students are rapidly approaching the final week of the first semester of PR @ Mohawk, and it seems like it was only yesterday that we had to explain to our parents what public relations was and why we wanted to pursue a career in it. But now, at the end of the semester I can speak from my personal experience in the program, and I can say that I do not regret deciding to enroll. It’s hard to properly describe everything that we have learned this past semester, but I will try and describe some of my favorite assignments and how they can be used after graduation from our program. Sooner rather than later, we are all going to be entering the professional world.

The first assignment I’ll talk about is our Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan. The IMC plan was a test of our knowledge of practically everything we have learned in our program planning class. In summary, we had to generate a fictional plan to help aid a company with its communication objectives. We used the R.A.C.E. formula to aid us, which stands for Research, Analysis, Communication, and Evaluation. These four elements are all essential to any PR plan. Our completed IMC plans are excellent examples of how far we have come since the beginning of the program, and should definitely be included in our portfolios.

Secondly, we had the assignment of working with a team with a local non-profit organization to help them fundraise and raise awareness for their cause for our Organizational Application class. This assignment was certainly the most valuable experience of the semester, we again had to use all the aspects of what we have learning in the program to develop a plan, but we also had to take what we have learned into the real world in order to raise money for our respective charities. If our plans proved to be successful we were given real world PR experience and some volunteer experience with a local organization.  If successful, this is definite something we will want to highlight in our portfolios.

The final assignment I will highlight will be the brochure we developed in both PR Writing and Print Design classes. The brochure is a combination of writing and graphic design skills. It is important for a PR professional to be able to convey a message effectively and as quickly as possible, and a brochure is the perfect example of both of these requirements. As well as writing skills, a good brochure demands good graphics design. Which is something we have been practicing in our print design class. The words and the design of the brochure need to work in unity, they need to promote seamless reading, and be appealing to the reader. One complete this is another assignment we can use to promote everything we have learned to our prospective employers.

We have certainly learned a lot this semester! There have been countless assignments, but all of which have been stepping stones leading up to our careers in Public Relations. We have even more to learn next semester, and I for one am looking forward to January and the next half of the program!

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