Tuesday, December 8, 2015

the stress of finding a job after graduation

The real world is a scary place, and the stress and anxiety that goes with finding an “adult” job is something that looms over students on a regular basis. Those exact fears are what lead me to enrolling into the Post Grad PR program at Mohawk College.  I had graduated college with a diploma in broadcast journalism, completed some pretty awesome internships and was/ currently am still working in the industry part time. Unfortunately the part time job just isn't cutting it, a realization I’m sure most of my classmates are dealing with as well. Going back to school was a scary thought but a necessary one. Since being in class some of those fears have been squashed thanks to the clarification that public relations is the fattest growing industry at the moment. Phew the hope of finding a job might be more promising then I had thought. Not to mention everything that we are learning in class is very applicable to the real world made evident by everyone who is currently completing their internships.  It’s very encouraging to know that what we learn in the classroom are the same techniques we will be using alongside our future coworkers. This realization has made me more confident and less stressed knowing that when we graduate, we will be prepared to competitively compete for jobs in the industry. 

I’m sure as we start second semester we will only gain more confidence for potential job and internship interviews. The thought of interviews provide me with a lot of stress, that fact that so much is on the line in such a short period of time makes me really nervous. An interview could lead to your internship that could lead to your first job, which gets your foot in the door! I know I’m getting ahead of myself and I know that Tim our professor will prepare us to the best of his ability to make sure we have the skills to get that first internship/job. Relieving another factor of stress that us students have when graduating the program and are released into the real world. For now i think we all just need to take a deep breath, find our inner zen and just be confident students

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