Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hamilton Hive: Networking In the Public Relations Industry

Written by Donna-Marie Ieluzzi

Have you ever heard the phrase, "it's not about what you know-it's about who you know" and you laughed and moved merrily along your way because paying for an education to know "everything" about the field you're studying was good enough for you? From a public relations perspective, you begin to acknowledge that who you know plays an integral part of being a public relations practitioner. In this field, building a network and sense of community is critical. When public relations is analyzed for what it is, the relations aspect is always highlighted the most, because that's what it's all about! Surely, it is about what you know, but who you know and the people you meet somehow always make more of a difference. As a student, we have the opportunity to start developing and nurturing these relations and learn more about our future profession, whether that be through a peer, educator, mentor, specialist or professional.

At our level, sometimes it's difficult to source the right individuals to collaborate with, learn from or simply build a relationship with. Hamilton Hive is a haven for young aspiring professionals to advance their careers and networks. The Hive's objective is to serve the Hamilton community's emerging professionals through mentorship and networking in their respective field. There are many ways that Hamilton Hive proves itself to be a great resource for engaging young leaders and professionals. 

They have their own online  mentorship program called Hive Connect that connects mentors and mentees with one another through the Hive's social platform. A video on this program and how to join can be found on their YouTube channel (and below).

Hamilton Hive will also be holding a conference called "HIVEX" on November 5th at the Cotton Factory to host a full day of activities meant to engage working professionals, post-secondary students, recent grads, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers and more with their networks, community and field. This event is intended for engagement, which is the day's theme, through thought provoking presentations and workshops. For more information and a full schedule/itinerary, visit

Hamilton Hive promotes the youth of Hamilton; the young individuals who are future ready, driven and ambitious. By taking pride in Hamilton's young aspiring and emerging professionals, the Hive also takes pride in our future and how we will continue to nurture the communities we grow in and grow from. As mentioned before, it is very much so about who you know, and the Hive takes that notion to the next level.

Hamilton Hive's website is A great visit for Hamiltonians looking to contribute to the Hive and build their own!

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