Sunday, October 16, 2016

IABC Taking Hamilton by Bike

On September 28, 2016 a few of the students in our class attended out first International Association of Business Communicators event in downtown Hamilton at CoMotion On King. At the event we heard a presentation by SoBi Hamilton. Coming from Niagara I have never really seen much of a bicycle sharing program so this was a new experience for me. To my surprise, I really enjoyed hearing about how the company started here in Hamilton and the tactics they used to make their Nonprofit organization thrive among the city. One of the tactics that stood out to me the most is the idea of each individual bicycle having it's own name. I found this to be unique and a fantastic way of promoting the bicycles around the city. They discussed how because of this people are enticed to look for a specific bike they have seen online. Speaking of online promotion I enjoyed the way that SoBi bikes has used social media to display their products and services they have used primarily Instagram to reach a wide audience and it has been proved valuable to their business.

Another experience I took from this event was networking opportunities. With attending this event I was able to meet new individuals working in the field of Public Relations and are members of he IABC. Along with that I was able to continue fostering relationships with a few individuals I have already met. I find that events like this one allowed for a laid back environment to have a conversation with people who as a new students some may find it to be intimidating.

All in all I found the event to be informative and a great experience as a new student in the field. I would recommend attending at least one event to all student because it provides you with added experience at networking and allows you to also foster relationships with your classmates.

Brittany Foote-Szambor. 

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