Monday, October 17, 2016

Local Artists can now hit the FM Radio Dial.

Are you a local musician? Have you ever thought about getting to hear your own music on the radio? Well now you can. As of January 2016 a platform for local hamilton artists can now hear their authentic,  home crafted music on FM Radio.

With the new digital era, indie recording artists continuously struggle to get their music heard across the globe, and even in their own cities. What would have not even been a thought that would cross the average musicians mind in this day and age, is now more than possible.

Want the platform? Marc Tupuhi, The Hum Fm founder says, "This is literally the music of the people on your street".The Hum 106.7 FM, is a radio station playing most genres of local music. It is not just a pop station, this is no 99.9 Kiss FM, this is the station that will play any, and all songs, as long as they are created by local talent.

Now go, get out there, and start to get the music you put your blood, sweat and tears into, out there for the public to hear!

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