Friday, October 28, 2016

The Importance of Community Relations: Tim Horton's Style

I realized why corporations need public relations more than ever than before. They just can’t operate on their own, and its sole purpose should not be just to make money.  They need to build relationships with the community they operate in and leave a good impact on society. It is important for businesses to conduct itself in a way that has a positive impact on society and to give back. 

In the program, we have learned about corporate social responsibility and in one of our classes we were assigned to analyze a business’ community relations program. I picked Tim Horton’s because it's someplace I go often and trust.

I knew it’s a brand that Canadian’s hold dear to their hearts, but how have they maintained that image for so long? I began my search for answers online (where else would you go today?) and looked at their most recent sustainability report. Once I got to the section that focused on the community I understood.

I couldn’t believe all the good things they were doing. When I started watching the videos highlighting some of their programs I started to cry. It was emotional! The programs they are most known for are the Tim Horton’s Foundation and Timbits Minor League Sports.

I remember going to the Tim Horton’s camp in St. George, ON when I was in grade 6 with my classmates. It was a fun time, and it was my first class trip I went on without my dad or grandpa being a chaperone. So in a way, I got some independence out of it.

Also, when I was younger I dabbled in many sports… I finally gave up when I realized that I was not good at anything that involved running, but the point is I was lucky enough to have those experiences, and got the chance to learn to play as a part of a team.

Both these stories are examples of experience that every kid should have the opportunity to go through. Unfortunately, there are families who can’t afford to send their children to camp or put them through sports. Tim Horton’s wants to give kids these memorable experiences that they might not have gotten. These programs help build self-confidence, build lifelong skills, but most importantly, give kids a chance to be kids.

Aside from these two examples, Tim Hortons has countless other initiatives that I was not even aware of. It is impressive how a business can be so caring; They need to do more than just collect profit; they need to have a heart and soul… something more that people can identify with. I guess that why Tim Horton’s has been around all this time and is one of Canada’s most trusted and lovable brands. It is inspiring what they do and makes me want to work for a company that has similar values.

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