Monday, December 18, 2017

Attending a Media Event for CND

I am an artist. Although I studied commerce in university and am now studying public relations at Mohawk, outside of my academics I am a nail artist and have been blogging about my art for around five years. I have been fortunate enough to have received a number of sponsorship opportunities through the blog, one of which is with the Canadian division of CND, a US-based nail polish brand. I was invited to attend a launch event for their new line "NUDE: The Collection" on December 12, and while I have attended some of their other events in the past, this particular event stood out to me because I was able to make connections between the event and content that we are learning in class.

At every media event I have attended with CND I have received a media kit, but I have a better understanding of their function after learning about them in week nine of our Media Relations course. As outlined in lecture, media kits are often prepared for major events and product launches in order to give editors and reporters - and in this case, bloggers - a variety of information about the topic to help them write their stories.
The media kit that I was given at this event was packaged traditionally in a 9" x 12" folder with pockets on the inside. It was a more succinct kit than I have received previously, and only contained a fact sheet on the new collection. As you can see in the picture below, the fact sheet introduces the collection, provides information on its retail availability, and also includes the company's boiler plate.

Digital media kits that I have received at other CND launch events have contained more information in addition to fact sheets. These kits have often included resources such as product shots and swatches, promotional images, and even teaser videos based on the collection, such as the one shown below.

All of these resources make my work as a blogger easier since I have all of the information that I need about these polishes right at my fingertips when I go to write a post. On top of appreciating these media kits as a blogger, thanks to the public relations program I am now also able to appreciate these kits from the perspective of a public relations practitioner. I believe that having an understanding media events and media kits from both the perspective of a social media influencer and a public relations professional will be a great asset for me in the future as I pursue a career in the PR industry. I am grateful to this program for giving me this opportunity to build upon my knowledge of media events and learn about content that I have already been able to apply to real-world situations.

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