Monday, December 4, 2017

Working with Community Clients - Habitat for Humanity Hamilton

When assigning our projects earlier on in the semester, i felt extremely fortunate to be partnering with Habitat for Humanity Hamilton to complete both a Communications Audit and to run a fundraiser. Compared to some of the other non-for-profits that were assigned, it seemed like everyone, including myself had heard of Habitat for Humanity Hamilton and knew exactly what we did.

It wasn't until our first client meeting with Melissa, the communications and marketing head at Habitat, that I realized I hadn't even scratched the surface on what Habitat for Humanity Hamilton does for the community. I think we can all assume that Habitat for Humanity, no matter where they are located, builds houses for people who don't have one. However Melissa informed us that Habitat:

- Has an ongoing mission to work with volunteers and community partners to build affordable housing for people living in the community who are living in bad housing situations
- Promotes home ownership to stop the cycle of poverty
- Lobbies to the government to help create more affordable home options
- Sells items at a "ReStore" that help people living in the community have access to new and used home renovation items
- Offers opportunities to high school students to complete their volunteer hours.

This list is a brief description of what the Hamilton chapter does. The biggest surprise to me is the ReStore. the ReStore is located at the same location of their head offices in the east end of Hamilton. We traveled there to complete our survey for our communications audit and we were able to interview employees and volunteers.

Below is a brief video about the ReStore that is found on the Habitat for Humanity Hamilton YouTube Page.

The ReStore has become a vital part of the community. Instead of having to go to a large hardware store, people are given the opportunity to find exactly what they need in a smaller space and they are supporting a great cause at the same time. 

Our project with Habitat for Humanity Hamilton is not over yet, but since we have been working with them in October, i have felt that i have learned more about the company and i have been able to share that knowledge with others. I am excited to continue my partnership and as well to have another knew client in the winter semester.

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