Monday, January 1, 2018

Ethics provide a positive framework as to how individuals should participate in societies in order to provide a fair and considerate environment. They are moral principles that help shape and define behaviours through providing a foundation of thoughts and attitudes. It is common for various institutions to provide their ethical guidelines such as workplaces, schools and professional associations. An example of this would be the International Association of Business Communicators' Code of Ethics:

  • I am honest—my actions bring respect for and trust in the communication profession.
  • I communicate accurate information and promptly correct any errors.
  • I obey laws and public policies; if I violate any law or public policy, I act promptly to correct the situation.
  • I protect confidential information while acting within the law.
  • I support the ideals of free speech, freedom of assembly, and access to an open marketplace of ideas.
  • I am sensitive to others’ cultural values and beliefs.
  • I give credit to others for their work and cite my sources
  • I do not use confidential information for personal benefit.
  • I do not represent conflicting or competing interests without full disclosure and the written consent of those involved.
  • I do not accept undisclosed gifts or payments for professional services from anyone other than a client or employer.
  • I do not guarantee results that are beyond my power to deliver.

  • I believe the IABC's Code of Ethics illustrates general positive standards that are relevant to other aspects of an individual's livelihood. The values embedded in the code include honestly, credibility and integrity. These are all qualities that can be attributed to other parts of life. If an individual follows this guide and applies it to their day-to-day life, it would be a positive contribution to not only their life, but society as a whole. It holds everyone accountable for their actions which promotes a society full or reliable members. Furthermore, the code offers simplistic ways in which individuals can apply these guidelines to their lives. Being honest, sensitive to others and obeying laws are easy to follow and would not obstruct the way more individuals shape their lives but help promote a better society. 

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