Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Running a Fundraiser

One of the primary assignments this term for the Public Relations program was to plan and run a fundraiser for a non-profit organization that we were partnered with for the term.  The non-profit organization that my group and I was partnered with was the Mark Preece Family House, a place where families of those in the hospital may stay for affordable prices.

Fundraising like everything in life is something that you have to address head on and even the best laid plans never end up going as planned at times.  Originally, our plan was to help the Mark Preece Family House set up an online fundraising webpage for themselves so that they had a method of allowing those who stayed at the Mark Preece Family House that lived outside the Greater Hamilton Region a method of donating.  Unfortunately due to the organizations already planned December fundraiser for the holidays, our plans had to take a drastic change.  With the help of our contact at the Organization: Pearl, we were able to plan and execute a new fundraiser on the Mohawk College Campus - a Toonie Drive. 

One of the great things about the project to run a fundraiser was you get the chance to work on a fundraiser at all stages of the process.  From planning to promotion and execution to evaluation, the Public Relations groups work with their clients and get a taste of what planning a fundraiser can be like as well as some of the challenges associated with the task. 

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